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    You don’t have to buy AC. If you rental, you can start to use AC without AC cost, only with installation fee.

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  • 02 Save Electricity Costs

    According to Luku analysis, one of our customers saved more than 56% of electricity cost.

    Save Electricity Costs

    Save Electricity Costs

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    Get Daikin AC! Daikin is World No.1 Manufacturer from Japan.

    Global No.1 AC from Japan

AC Specifications

  • Brand : DAIKIN
  • Inverter AC

    *Equivalent to 5 Star, according to Indian government rating system

  • Size Available

    S : 12,000Btu/h (1.25hp)
    M : 17,100Btu/h (1.79hp)
    L : 20,500Btu/h (2.14hp)
    *Hp is a short form of horsepower, converted from Btu/h

  • Wifi Remote Control

    You can switch on and off the AC with your smartphone


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Makumbumsho, Mikocheni, Mwananyamala, Kawe, Mbezi beach, Kinondoni, Mwenge, Msasani, Oysterbay, Masaki, Hananasif, Kigogo, Magomeni, Kunduchi, Tegeta, Bunju

Sinza, Ubungo, Mabibo, Mbezi

Kariakoo, Buguruni, Gerezani, Jangwani, Upanga, Posta, Kisutu, Mnazi mmoja, Kivukoni, Tabata, Ukonga, Gongo la Mboto, Kinyerezi, Kitunda, Ilala municipal council

Keko, Tandika, Temeke, Kurasini, Chang’ombe, Tungi, Kijichi, Mtoni MT, Mbagala
Kigamboni, Magogoni, Mjimwema

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Installation Fee : 180,000 Tzs

Basic Charge
Amount to be paid Points to be added
S: 12,000 Btu/h(1.25hp)
30,000/= 6,000 1 Day 2,800/=
7 Days 11,500/=
30 Days 43,300/=
M: 17,100 Btu/h(1.79hp)
35,000/= 7,000 1 Day 3,400/=
7 Days 14,000/=
30 Days 52,000/=
L: 20,500 Btu/h(2.24hp)
40,000/= 8,000 1 Day 3,900/=
7 Days 16,000/=
30 Days 60,000/=

Basic Charge: You need to pay every 30 days to keep your account.
Usage Ticket: You need to buy to switch on the AC
Baridi points: Will allow you to turn on the AC after paying the basic charge

Customers’ Opinions

Customers’ opinions

I got a high-quality AC by paying only 180,000/- as an installation fee. Before, I was using non-iverter AC and electricity cost was very high. But, after using AC from Baridi Baridi, I reduced more than 75% of electricity cost.I’m so happy to be one of the first customers of Baridi Baridi.


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What is Baridi Baridi?

Baridi Baridi is a Japanese company offering service in Tanzania, it is the first company in Tanzania and all over the world, which provide air conditioners subscription service for offices, shops, and homes. Baridi Baridi deals with renting the world’s No. 1 air conditioners, Daikin inverter air conditioners which use energy saving technology that eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners by efficiently controlling motor speed and reduce electricity consumption hence reduce electricity cost.

Where is our office?

Our office is located at Tanzanite Park Victoria, Ground floor, Plot number 38 Victoria Street, New Bagamoyo road, P.O. Box 33758, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

What time is your service hours?

We are available at our office from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Our office is located at Tanzanite Park, Victoria.

What are the benefits of AC subscription?

Start enjoying a high-quality AC with low initial cost, super energy saving, free service and maintenance and endless customer support from Baridi Baridi.

How much does the subscription cost?

For example, for the small size of AC you will pay: 30,000Tsh as monthly basic charge that must be paid every month. And you will choose to pay either 2,800Tsh per day, 11,500Tsh per week, or 43,000Tsh per month for you to switch on AC. Therefore, if you choose to pay for a monthly plan, you will pay a total of 73,000Tsh.

How much is the AC going to save on electricity?

Daikin inverter AC reduces electricity consumption for more than 30% when compared to Daikin non-inverter ACs. Also, we did Luku analysis to customers to see if it is true. One example is that, when Al Tai Pharmacy was using non-inverter, AC electricity cost was 6,200Tsh per 9 hours. But after replacing with Daikin inverter AC from Baridi Baridi, the cost of electricity was reduced to 2,700Tsh per 9 hours. In this case, Daikin inverter AC from Baridi Baridi could reduce the cost of electricity for more than 50%.

What is included in the cleaning and maintenance service?

Baridi Baridi provides free filter cleaning service, once in every month, and water cleaning once in a year. In the case of defects, maintenance service will be done by Baridi Baridi for free if it is not your own fault.

How long can I stay with the AC?

Enjoy AC from Baridi Baridi for as long as you want. After the air conditioner is installed at your place, you will only be required to pay for the subscription for you to be able to keep on enjoying our service.

What kind of AC will I get?

You are going to get Daikin inverter AC from Japan. Currently the best AC in Tanzania.

Do I get new AC?

You might not always get a new AC, but you will always get a 5-star Daikin Inverter AC which is super energy saving. Be one of our first customers, start enjoying a cool breeze.

Can I own the AC?

During subscription period you will enjoy free cleaning and maintenance service for the AC. And if the AC breaks down, it will be exchanged to another one if it is not your fault. However, we do not have buying option for the ACs.

How do I Cancel?

Baridi Baridi service contract is flexible. You will be allowed to terminate the contract one month after informing us about cancellation. Start using our service at any time you want.

Our Office

Tanzanite Park Victoria, Ground Floor, Plot number 38 Victoria Street, New Bagamoyo Road, P.O.Box 33758, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Customers’ opinions

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